It's that time of year again - Tire Take Back Days


With the spring weather finally making an appearance it signals that the OARA Tire Take Back Days Program is getting fired up and ready to go. From May 26 to the 31st, Ontario residents can drop off any old and used tires they have to us at either our Belleville or Bowmanville location. The tires will be recycled and all of the money raised will be donated to the Sunshine Foundation of Canada.
The Sunshine Foundation is the only National Canadian charity fulfilling dreams for kids with severe disabilities as well as life-threatening illnesses. In fact, 80% of Sunshine kids are challenged by a severe physical disability.
All of us at Hotch's Auto Parts are proud to be part of this event and encourage you to bring us all of your old tires. The more you can bring in the more dreams that can be fullfilled by the Sunshine Foundation.

If you have any questions please contact us at 1-800-267-5598!

Hotch's Auto Parts is looking for a few good people


We currently have open positions that we are looking to fill. Check out the postions below

Delivery Driver - Ameliasburgh

Automotive Parts Sales Representative- Ameliasburgh

Big or Small We Handle Them All!!


Hotch's Auto Parts handles all vehicles , big or small We were moving some vehicles around the other day when we came across a pair of smart cars that needed to be moved to their proper location in the yard. Needless to say we couldn't resist moving them at the same time and of course taking a picture to share with everyone!

Hotch's Auto Parts Opens Second Location!


Hotch's Auto Parts is proud to announce the opening of its first expansion site, located in beautiful Bowmanville, Ontario! After months of hard work and planning throughout 2012, the doors were finally opened full time beginning in February of 2013 with deliveries throughout the GTA as well as a walk in storefront and over 10,000sq.ft of warehousing space! “This being our first expansion warehouse, we wanted to make sure we had dotted our i's and crossed all of our t's” remarked Steve Thompson, manager of the new location. Asked about some of the preparation required before opening the doors, Steve quipped “Opening a new location in an area that is a such a marked contrast to our typical area of operations required that we really focus on logistics and being able to supply our new area with the kind of service that people have come to expect from Hotch's Auto Parts. We wanted to make sure that we were not starting a new business venture behind the 8-ball but rather from a position that allows us to scale up as people become aware of our new capabilities.”

Originally, the plan was to purchase an existing facility and convert it into a recycled automotive parts warehouse. This plan was soon scrapped as it became apparent that finding an existing building that met the requirements would prove problematic. This led to the purchase of a vacant lot and the design and construction of an entirely new building. “When we were looking at possible locations we found that most available warehousing was of older construction, with lower ceiling heights and dim, poorly lit spaces.” stated Corey Earl, Operations Manager “We ended up realizing that the only way to meet the lofty requirements we had was to go ahead an construct our own building from scratch”.

The new location has a large quantity of both new and used parts on hand as well as a friendly staff on hand to assist you in selecting the proper part for your application. Stop by 180 Lake rd in Bowmanville next time you are in the market for a part for your car, or just to say hi!

Sunshine Foundations Tire Take Back Days


Hotch’s Auto Parts is proud to participate in the third annual tire collection event supported by Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA) and Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) to raise money for the Sunshine Foundation of Canada. An organization that helps dreams come true for children who are challenged by severe physical disabilities or life-threatening illnesses. The success of the event depends on community involvement and we are calling on you to participate with your presence at our location and asking that you help build the excitement leading up to the event.

Last year, the collection events helped to raise over $123,000 dollars to support the Sunshine Foundation! It will take recycling approximately 3,730 used tires to make just one dream possible. How many dreams can we secure from this year’s donations? We’ll soon find out Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS), as part of the 2012 Tire Take Back event, is offering a Community Prize to create excitement about this important recycling event, encourage community participation and underscore the connection between high value, green products and responsible tire disposal. The Community Prize is a gift in kind of up to $15,000 worth of tire-derived products (such as, but not limited to, recycled rubber mulch, playground surfacing, patio tiles, and sidewalk pavers) from OTS registered Recycled Product Manufacturers (RPMs). The OARA member that collects the most used tires from residents in their area during the event period (May 28-June 2) will be able to designate a local, non-profit community project to receive this gift in kind.

This could mean innovative upgrades to our parks and playgrounds, eco-friendly renovations to our community facilities like new athletic flooring, and more durable sidewalks or roofing for our public spaces. This Years Event… During the week of May 28th, Anyone can drop off as many tires as they want for free directly at Hotch’s Auto Parts. All tire collection allowances associated with each tire collected will go towards the Sunshine Foundation of Canada. In addition, OARA will match the funds raised by all members. Hotch’s Auto Parts has set up 3 different drop off locations to shorten your drive for the main event on June 2nd Only! These alternate locations will be available for tire drop offs with Hotch’s staff on site to assist. There will be a drop off site at Brighton Speedway as well as 6892 Hwy 62 north of Belleville. Our main location will also be available for drop off on this day. Thank you and we look forward to your support! Hotch’s Auto Parts

Bowmanville Location opening soon


Hotch’s Auto Parts is currently in the final stages of opening a brand new 10,000sq/ft warehouse conveniently located in Bowmanville, Ontario. The all new warehouse will act as a distribution hub and pick-up location for customers within the GTA. “Our new facility will give us the ability to supply our customers with next day service across most of Southern Ontario using our own delivery trucks.” said owner Hotch Earl “ In addition this will prevent the frustrations caused by lost or damaged parts when using 3rd party courier companies”. All automotive dismantling and processing will continue to take place at Hotch’s Auto Parts main headquarters located just south of Belleville, Ontario. The location of the new facility was hand chosen for its proximity to the Toronto market as well as its ability to add more timely service to customers north of Hwy 7. After looking at a number of sites the decision was made to purchase a 3 acre piece of land located just minutes from the Hwy 401 and Hwy 115/35 intersection. This will allow the new warehouse to act as a main western hub for Hotch’s Auto Parts and will expand next day delivery coverage to over 15,000km2.

With the new building comes the need for an expanded fleet and Hotch’s is preparing with the purchase of a new Kenworth T370 3 car carrier. This truck is outfitted to not only for vehicle pickup but also has the capability to shuttle large quantities of inventory, ensuring proper stock levels at both locations. The new car carrier has been teamed with both a cube van and half ton delivery truck for local deliveries. When putting together the specs for the new fleet, decisions were made to ensure both high-efficiency with minimal environmental impact. The Kenworth features the newest emission safe-guards including urea injection and DPF particle filtration while the smaller cube van and delivery truck will both be run on recycled fuel that has been run through a filtration plant.

Hotch’s hopes to be able to increase both the efficiency and productivity of Toronto area shops with the increased availability of Green Parts.

Recycle your old car the right way


New rules to keep the environment a top priority when recycling end-of-life vehicles

The Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association is doing more than paying lip service to their commitment to recycle end-of-life vehicles properly. As of January 2011, they adopted the National Code of Practice for Auto Recyclers as a condition of membership for all of its Direct Members – both existing and new.

Steve Fletcher, the association’s Executive Director explained the evolution of the new policy. “This code was developed by the Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC) for Environment Canada to support the National “Retire Your Ride” scrappage program. It includes some stringent compliance requirements for a recycling operation to properly and legally process a vehicle in Ontario. For the past few years, our association has been working toward a standardized certification process that objectively measures both the facilities and the processes used by our members. We wanted to have the confidence to stand up and publicly state that all of our members do things the right way. Now we have that.”

OARA and ARC retained an independent auditor to physically visit each member and evaluate their business against the standardized protocol. Any potential shortcomings were rectified and confirmed by the auditor before a recycler was certified.

So, as a vehicle owner, why should you care whether a recycler is certified? Fletcher explains. “Unfortunately, not everybody processes end-of-life vehicles the way OARA members do. There are some scrap operators out there who buy cars just to crush them and sell them for the value of the metal. They leave toxic fluids and heavy metals to just escape into the soil and groundwater. Ozone depleting substances are released into the atmosphere. They don’t recycle any usable parts and don’t care about the damage they’re doing to the environment. It can be a real nightmare. It’s almost impossible for the average vehicle owner to figure out who the responsible recyclers are and who they should avoid selling their cars to. When they see the Certified Ontario Auto Recycler seal, they know that operator has been thoroughly checked out. They know they’re dealing with one of the good guys.”

Every vehicle that a Certified OARA member handles goes through a methodical process to maximize reclamation and minimize environmental impact. Good reusable parts, batteries, mercury switches, oils, fluids, coolants, gasoline, and refrigerants are all removed and properly managed before the remaining hulk is sent for metal recycling.

OARA is working with progressive manufacturers and the government to ensure all vehicles in the province are handled according to the National Code of Practice. In the meantime, when you’re done with your vehicle be aware of who you’re selling it to. It can make all the difference in the world.

Hotch's and Oara present donation to Soldier On


Hotch’s Auto Parts and the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA) presented the Soldier On foundation with a cheque for $10,000 on January 17th following a presentation at CFB Trenton for both Canadian Forces members and civilians alike. This donation will be used to continue support for Canadian Forces soldiers which have been wounded and disabled in the line of duty.

“Given the current economic climate and belt tightening that we are seeing nation-wide it is great that organizations such as OARA and Hotch’s Auto Parts can step up to the plate and make a contribution to such a great program,” said Warren Kennedy, long time contributor to Soldier On.

Fund creator WO Andrew McLean was on hand to provide details about the program. “Soldier On is unique in that it’s primary focus is in the rehabilitation and re-integration of wounded CF members into fitness and sports programs. Frequently Canadian Forces members are very active in the sports community and losing a limb or the ability to use a limb is devastating, both mentally and physically. Soldier On ensures that these individuals can obtain the specialized and expensive equipment required to continue to participate in the sports they have always competed in. Soldier On also provides the networking and support needed to link up with disabled sports initiatives across North America,” stated McLean.

“We are very happy to be part of such a forward looking organization. With organizations and companies cutting back all across Ontario it is fantastic that OARA’s members have stepped up in such a big way. On behalf of all OARA members, Hotch’s Auto Parts is proud to be able to help the Soldier On foundation continue to help Canadian Forces members which have given so much for our country,” said Corey Earl, Hotch’s Auto Parts

For more information on the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA) please visit

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