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Hotch’s Auto Parts Opens Second Location!

Hotch’s Auto Parts is proud to announce the opening of its first expansion site, located in beautiful Bowmanville, Ontario. After months of hard work and planning throughout 2012, the doors were finally opened full time beginning in February of 2013 with deliveries throughout the GTA as well as a walk in storefront and over 10,000 sq/ft of warehousing space. “This being our first expansion warehouse, we wanted to make sure we had dotted our i’s and crossed all of our t’s” remarked Hotch Earl, Owner/Operator. Asked about some of the preparation required before opening the doors, Hotch quipped “Opening a new location in an area that is a such a marked contrast to our typical area of operations required that we really focus on logistics and being able to supply our new area with the kind of service that people have come to expect from Hotch’s Auto Parts. We wanted to make sure that we were not starting a new business venture behind the 8-ball but rather from a position that allows us to scale up as people become aware of our new capabilities.”

Originally, the plan was to purchase an existing facility and convert it into a recycled automotive parts warehouse. This plan was soon scrapped as it became apparent that finding an existing building that met the requirements would prove problematic. This led to the purchase of a vacant lot and the design and construction of an entirely new building. “When we were looking at possible locations we found that most available warehousing was of older construction, with lower ceiling heights and dim, poorly lit spaces,” stated Corey Earl, Operations Manager. “We ended up realizing that the only way to meet the lofty requirements we had was to go ahead and construct our own building from scratch.”

The new location has a large quantity of both new and used parts on hand as well as a friendly staff to assist you in selecting the proper part for your application. Stop by 180 Lake Road in Bowmanville next time you are in the market for a part for your car, or just to say hi!

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  • Automotive recyclers provide wholesale and retail customers quality parts that sell for up to 50% less than the comparable new parts.

  • Automotive recycling businesses employ some 103,108 people at more businesses around the country.


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